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Lakeside Chiropractic

346 East Third Street
Weston, WV 26452

(304) 269-5253

Serving North Central West Virginia for 27 years



1.  Full-spine chiropractic instrument adjusting (Activator Methods) – structural stress relief of the spinal column and peripheral joints.  Yes, we do adjust extremities.

2. Nutrition Response Testing (N.R.T.) –organ stress reduction, removal of blockages to healing, such as heavy metals, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, food sensitivities, and repair of the vitamin-mineral matrix associated with organs.

3.  Zyto – body energy stress analysis and repair of the vitamin-mineral matrix associated with 170 energy biomarkers.

4.  Robotic Massage – seated, robotic massage done fully clothed, in 15-minute intervals.

5.  Cold laser Therapy – exceptional healing of all soft tissue injuries.

6.  Interferential Electro-Therapy – swelling and pain reduction, spasm relief, and reduced heal time for acute and chronic pain.

7.  Ion Cleanse Body Detoxification – uses an ion-generating unit submerged in salt water to draw out impurities from the body through the feet.  This process makes the salt water a continuation of the body’s blood and fluid, thereby gently pulling out of the body the substances with oppositely-charged ions into the water.  The process usually lasts 20-30 minutes.

8. Arthro-stim posture modification procedures – a reversing process for anterior body carriage and dowager’s hump, especially effective within the first twenty years of the degenerative process.


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